Fanny Weisenburger

Fanny Weisenburger

Puteaux, France
Joined on February 23, 1992
Wants to move in Dublin for 2016


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Eurelis - From 01/01/2014
Eurelis is a Web Agency.
Front-end developer, Development of websites with some frameworks or CMS (in particular with Symfony and Drupal) and crossplatform applications (with Angular). Use of HTML, CSS, JS/JQuery, Angular, Responsive WebDesign, Foundation, Grunt.
I've worked on several type of projects from little mobile apps to high traffic websites. For example I've worked on the redesign of Illicado in responsive design, or on the development of a new site for Cetelem. I also worked on a mobile app for an Art Gallery as part of a photographic exposure Galerie VU' - iOS, Galerie VU' - Android
MeltyGroup - From 01/10/2013 to 30/06/2014
Meltygroup is the first online media group for young people. (more than 15 millions readers by month)
Front and Back-end developer, Maintenance of the websites of the group. Administration and statistics platform development for editorial teams on home-made framework called "Shape". Use of HTML, CSS, JS/JQuery, PHP, MySQL, Responsive WebDesign.
Soonvibes - From 15/02/2013 to 15/05/2013
Soonvibes is a young Startup specialised on electronic music. It permits DJs to post their tracks on the website and to receive some feedback on it.
Front and Back-end developer. V1 of the website and generic ajax pagination module development. Technologies: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, MySQL, SVN, Zend Framework.
Yakota - From 01/06/2012 to 30/09/2012
Yakota is a company specialised in online jewellery selling (diamond).
Web developer, Maintenance of the websites of the group. Integration of designs made in photoshop. Newsletter development. Use of HTML, CSS, JS, Zend Framework.